The Royoil

“The Royoil” Fine CBD




There is no official doctor recommended dosage.

It is suggested to start around 25mg a day for best results increasing after 2-4 weeks to 25mg twice a day.  Decrease amount if any adverse affects result.   


The Royoil contains 1000mg of CBD isolate in a liquid organic coconut carrier oil.  Each bottle has 30mL of oil.  

1 full dropper (1mL) = 33.3mg of CBD 


The Royoil is a flavorless oil, if you want to add essential oils to add flavor it is encouraged.  Add 3-5 drops to a bottle for a little flavor of your choosing.  Citrus like lemon and orange for your morning dose and lavender for your bedtime dose.  Salmon oil works great if you want to give The Royoil to your animal family. 


The Royoil contains no THC. 

Drug testing looks for a THC metabolite in your body.

There is no current test for CBD metabolites.

Be aware of any drug interactions and talk to your physician about concerns.

All CBD in The Royoil is Hemp derived in accordance with the Industrial hemp regulations set forth by Colorado department of Agriculture.

This Product has not been reviewed by the FDA for safety and efficacy.